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Many llamas will be coming to the Lamafest Showcase. Free admission makes this a wonderful Labor Day weekend family outing.
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Lamafest is unique among llama/alpaca shows in its offering of activities for the llama owners as well as the general public. It is the largest llama show in the country other than nationals, and is one of the longest running shows.

The M.S.U. Pavilion is a state of the art arena and a wonderful showcase for the regions finest llamas. In the show arena there will be halter and showmanship classes plus the ever popular performance classes of obstacle, public relations and pack. In the stalling area we have one of the best vendor groups to be found at any show with items ranging from animal care products to unique gift and art items. You should plan on doing some fun shopping for those llama/alpaca lovers on your gift list. Additionally, there are many farm displays offer information on breeding programs and other offerings of the various fine farms in attendance.

We also recognize the importance of our youth members to the future of our industry, so have planned a variety of activities for them. Youth judging is a valuable learning tool for more in depth learning about llamas, and a chance to identify future judges. The costume class is entertaining to all at the show and will be held on Saturday at approximately noon.

We are again offering both ALSA and ILR shows. You may enter the second show for only an additional $25 per animal for one class or $30 per animal for multiple classes, so plan on showing on both days. Again this year, we will have separate ALSA and ILR performance shows. ALSA: halter on Sat, performance on Sun, ILR: performance on Sat, halter on Sun.

Please note: The non-member ALSA farm fees are $50, for animals entered in the ALSA show, it will be applied to an ALSA membership. (ALSA membership is only $50). Youth non-member fees remain $15.


Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt will not be held this year.

Costume Contest

NOTE: The Costume Contest is open to youth and adults.

Because of numerous requests, we are changing the format to have all participants in the ring for a one time class. The class will be held between Medium Wool and Heavy Wool classes on Sat. (approximately noon) Participants are encouraged to parade through the stalling area at the conclusion of the class so that those who cannot be in the show arena still get the opportunity to see the fabulous creations and the animals who tolerate all that stuff.




Lamafest will be held at:
The Pavilion
Michigan State University
East Lansing Michigan

Show Information:
Don Topliff

ALSA & ILR Llama Show
Vendors, Farm Displays
Youth Judging & Silent Auction

2018 Judges:

ALSA - Mike Haumschild
ILR - David Ruckman
Performance - John McDougall

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